Data Scientist/Analyst

POSITION: Data Scientist/Analyst
Location: Wash DC

Clearance Requirement – Top Secret 

Duties and Responsibilities for the Data Scientist/Analyst:

The Contractor shall work domestically to employ specialized data science support to

  • Plan, implement, and execute data collection from social media and other open sources, through APIs, aggregators, partners, one-off data exchanges, polling or surveys, and other novel / unconventional collection strategies. This may include developing knowledge of specific commercial applications, development of software, or fostering collaborative partnerships to achieve success.
  • Organize and catalog collected data in accordance with the GEC’s legal authorities, privacy protections, organizational policies, and standard operating procedures. New standard operating procedures and policy recommendations should be developed for novel initiatives. Data organization using industry standards wherever possible will encourage recreation of results, academic accountability, and ease lines of communication and coordination.
  • Prepare, clean, and reformat data in accordance to the requirements of the study, evaluation, analysis, report, exploration, visualization, machine learning training, or other objectives.
  • Plan, implement, and execute scientific analysis of data including metric tracking, campaign measures of effectiveness, wider measures of CVE effectiveness, target audience analysis, discovery and tracking of themes or narratives, media sources and their penetration rates, rapid response tasks, special projects, or other efforts in line with the GEC’s goals and objectives.
  • Communicate and disseminate findings derived from data analysis and machine learning evaluations via reports, memos, slack / email, presentations, information exchanges, scientific papers, routine technical talks, and other forums or mediums. Actively seek and facilitate peer review, critique, and debate of all data analyses (including sources, methods, and conclusions).
  • Foster the data science community (particularly, but not limited to, CVE and messaging) across the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Government interagency, the broader coalition of nations, industry partners, content producers, and others. Provide analytic and data science leadership through information exchanges, working groups, mentorship, training, and other engagements.  Travel within the U.S. or abroad may be required on an as-needed basis.
  • Develop and maintain a culture within the GEC borrowing from both the scientific and technology communities. Relentlessly pursue rapid innovation using rigorous methods, pioneer new ways of conducting the GEC mission, and achieve success through any means reasonably possible. Persevere through challenges and constantly adapt to the shifting environment, as is common within the private technology startup culture.
  • Maintain technical competency through self-directed literature review, conferences, workshops, and other education or collaborative opportunities. Work to advance the science of data analysis, pursuing novel techniques that meet the demands of the GEC’s mission.
  • As needed, develop tools and operational prototypes, or modify existing platforms, to meet the goals and requirements of the GEC Analytics team and wider partnerships across other GEC teams, other U.S. Government organizations, or GEC external partners. This may include software development, machine learning training and execution, devops actions on cloud infrastructures, basic system administration, or other technical actions. Develop a ‘skunk works’-like culture focused on rapid prototyping and impactful tool development.
  • Support the other GEC teams through tight collaboration and, as needed and directed by the leadership of the GEC Analytics team, embed onto other teams to provide close analytic and data science support.
  • Perform other unspecified technical duties as assigned.


Qualifications for the Data Scientist/Analyst:

  • Graduate–level degree in statistics, engineering, computer science, operations research, or other related technical fields.
  • At least 5 years of experience with languages and environments such as R, Python/Numpy, Scala, or others.
  • At least 5 years of experience with complex data visualization such as ggplot2, matplotlib, tableu, or others.
  • At least 5 years of experience with statistical modeling, natural language processing, and machine learning to solve real-world applied problems in government or industry.
  • Experienced leader in time-sensitive technical environment.
  • Understanding of cloud based services and platforms (such as Amazon Web Services).
  • Experience with NoSQL (such as MongoDB, Redis) or other Big Data platforms (such as Hadoop, Spark).
  • Language skills in Arabic, or other foreign languages.


Clearance Requirement – Secret                       **Must have at time of application