Resilient Point Will Ensure the CyberSafety of Your Organization

Resilient Point’s CyberSafety is comprised of

two proprietary systems:



The CyberSCORE is a rating of your organization’s operations. The CyberSCORE  assessment process provides quantifiable indicators of how well your organization is currently performing in the three CyberSafety areas: Monitor, Analyze, Prevent.  Each area is scored utilizing Resilient Point’s comprehensive assessment security assessment process.  The results of the assessment process becomes the baseline from which the CyberMAP is created.
Security Management
Critical Business Applications
Computer Installations
End User Environement

An example of a CyberSCORE overview


CyberSafety is a practice that requires continuous Monitoring, Analysis, and Prevention techniques. The CyberMAP process provides an overview of your organization’s CyberSafety, establishing a strategy to increase your CyberSCORE.  

The CyberMAP is powered by actionable intelligence to reflect the effectiveness of each area in real-time, highlighting (through a  dashboard display) vulnerabilities within the CyberMAP that require attention to increase your organization’s CyberSCORE.