Contract win! NSA’s VOXGLO II

Resilient Point LLC is proud to announce that it landed on the winning team of Minerva Engineering for NSA’s VOXGLO II.

Team Minerva Engineering has been selected as one of four prime awardees on the VOXGLO II contract with the National Security Agency’s Research Directorate (NSA RD) at Fort Meade, MD with a contract ceiling of $375M and period of performance out to October of 2020.

The objective of VOXGLO II is to provide contract research and development services to support the NSA Research Directorate mission areas.  The Research Directorate is an important resource for the development of technologies that provide the foundation for the NSA’s efforts.

Team Minerva Engineering is composed of many subject matter experts for the VOXGLO II mission areas providing unparalleled breadth and depth to meet the needs of the NSA RD.

“We are very grateful to Minerva Engineering and all the sub-contractors on the team for putting together a successful proposal and for the tremendous opportunity this presents for us for the next five years,” said Marcus Board, the CEO of Resilient Point.