Secure Mobility


Layered solutions are the backbone of our secure mobile approach.  Layers of commercial encryption, layers of authentication and authorization, boundary protection, appropriate hardening of devices and appropriate physical security measures all contribute to the overall security.   In order to ensure interoperability, our solution relies on COTS equipment, open standards/protocols, and avoids proprietary hardware and software requirements.  Sensitive data is protected by means of multiple layers of approved commercial cryptography as well as incorporated data-at-rest protection measures for sensitive information on the devices. Please click here for Resilient Point’s Secure Mobility Facts sheet.

Cyber Security


CyberSafety is a practice that requires continuous Monitoring, Analysis, and Prevention techniques. Resilient Point’s CyberSafety is comprised of two proprietary systems: CyberSCORE and CyberMAP.  The CyberSCORE is a rating of your organization’s operations and the CyberMAP lays out the path required for your organization to achieve CyberSafety.  The CyberMAP will highlight which areas within Monitor, Analyze, and Prevent require attention to increase your organization’s CyberSCORE.

Actionable Intelligence


Actionable Intelligence (AI) is ability to take large amounts of data and apply a multitude of analysis in such a way to create not just intelligence, but intelligence that can be acted upon.  Actionable Intelligence is based upon three major areas; big data, predictive analytics, and visual engineering.

Enterprise Solutions


Resilient Point is your resource for maximizing your potential whether its through process development or analysis or establishing an enterprise management system, talk to us first, you will be glad you did. Leverage our experience and success