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"Resilient Point was established to not only provide the highest level of capabilities and support to our clients, but to become the measuring stick that other companies measure themselves with for excellence. Here at Resilient Point we are committed to our clients, our community, and most importantly…. our employees.

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Why Choose Us

To ensure the best capability and solutions are available to our clients we focus on having the best employees and that they are recognized as leaders within their discipline. To achieve this we place the very best employees with our cients and promote and support the certification that make them stand out above and beyond our competition. We encourage our employees to obtain and maintain their professional certifications, from CISSP, PMP, Security +, CCNA, CEA, and many others.
We are focused and stay focused on the end game, to solve the hardest of problems and deliver what our clients want on time and within budget.  We accomplish this by looking at the overall result and establish a game plan to achieve it. Unlike traditional plans ours are flexible and agile and since we know the end game we can dynamically make adjustments as needed and still meet our client’s required results.
We value our clients no matter how big or how small they are.  Our clients become our goal to ensure that they getting what they want when they need it.  We take the time to fully engage our clients to maximize their results so they are more effective, efficient, and bottom line…that they are successful.